2015 ITW CSR Report

Working Together


ITW is full of inspired people who understand the importance of giving back and making a positive impact on the world around them. Our 2015 CSR Report explains how ITW team members are working together to drive progress for our people, our communities and our world.

Our People

ITW’s people are the heart of our business. We create an environment where all ITW team members can remain safe and healthy, have the opportunity to enhance their well-being and develop into leaders.

Injuries Resulting in Days Away

Inspiring healthy actions

ITW Wellness Champions share a passion for improving the health and wellness of themselves and their fellow colleagues.

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Acquiring Top Talent

50% In 2015, over 50 percent of ITW's U.S. college hires were either female or U.S. ethnically diverse

Our Communities

ITW is deeply committed to giving back, by investing in the communities where our colleagues live and work, and where our businesses are located. At the heart of our philanthropy is our passionate ITW colleagues who generously donate their time and talents to positively impact our communities at the local level.

2015 Total GIving
More Than
$21 Million
Community Involvement

Leveraging millennial insight

ITW's Young Professional Network offered valuable insight to boost ITW's strong support for United Way.

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ITW Foundation

Engaging with students

ITW continues to expand its involvement in the ITW David Speer Academy.

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Our World

ITW is committed to a high level of environmental performance across all its businesses and to helping our key supply chain partners minimize risk and make a positive impact on the future of our planet.

Intensity Indicators*^

*Only operating revenue from participating divisions was included in the calculation of intensity indicators; ^2014 data adjusted to reflect reported 2014 revenues

Environmental Responsibility

Demonstrating responsibility

ITW Metalflex has implemented a number of activities and initiatives that impact multiple CSR priority areas.

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Supply Chain Responsibility

Creating a healthier home renovations environment

ITW developed a self-contained, portable unit that provides continuous and effective air filtration.

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