2015 ITW CSR Report

Working Together

Demonstrating responsibility

Across ITW, our colleagues work together to make ongoing improvements that address our corporate social responsibility focus areas.

ITW Metalflex, a household appliance design and production business in Tolmin, Slovenia, reflects this mission and has implemented a number of activities and initiatives that impact priority areas, including environmental responsibility, talent development, worker safety and health, and wellness.

Environmental Responsibility 

Environmental responsibility is a priority area for the business. Over the last three years, ITW Metalflex has invested in several waste reduction efforts, including training all 324 of its colleagues on the proper sorting and disposal of waste. Training was critical in driving this initiative forward to ensure sorting is done efficiently and correctly and everyone understands his or her role in the process. So far, the ITW Metalflex team has reduced the volume of unsorted mixed waste by 40 percent.

The business has also reduced the amount of oil used by upgrading fuel oil tanks to make them more efficient and safer. In addition, the site installed a waste heat recovery system, which uses compressed air to heat the plant and offices, and air conditioning in the production area. Because of these heating and cooling upgrades, the business has reduced the amount of oil needed to heat or cool the facility, and was even able to seal off one of its two fuel oil tanks.

Talent Development

To support the development of its production team members, ITW Metalflex began the Our Working Places program, a one-year learning opportunity that provides production team members with knowledge and skills to become team leaders.

Chosen by their supervisor or another plant leader, participants gain motivation, practical skills and confidence that will help them excel in their position. The class meets regularly with senior management, and each student is mentored by a senior leader. In addition, each class takes a field trip to visit a customer. The program also aims to improve communication between production team members and management. Our Working Places has had over 40 participants over the past four years.

Our Working Places members visiting a customer in Milan, Italy

Safety and Health

In addition to developing talent, creating a safe work environment is just as important to ITW. At ITW Metalflex, the business has upgraded its fire reporting and alarming system so there is an effective and reliable system in place that covers the entire plant, and the team recently received additional fire safety training.

ITW Metalflex employees receive fire safety training on fire extinguisher usage

Team Member Engagement

Each year, ITW Metalflex participates in a national project that surveys and analyzes team member satisfaction at work. The anonymous survey is conducted by Golden Thread, which shares the results with ITW Metalflex. The feedback is then compared against the previous year’s results and used to identify opportunities to improve team satisfaction.

The business has also implemented the I Think Wide program to encourage people to share their ideas. Anyone can submit a proposal, and topics typically focus on improving the process of work, including technology, the work environment, ergonomics and work logistics. In 2015, 67 proposals were submitted by colleagues, many of which contained ideas that the business successfully implemented. Team members with the best ideas receive a prize at an annual award ceremony. 

I Think Wide program 2015 prize winners


ITW Metalflex offers a number of programs and events throughout the year to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace. These offerings include free workouts, awareness day celebrations, social or sporting events, and a recently renovated onsite kitchen better equipped to serve team membersThe business also participates in a regional business football league.

ITW Metalflex’s football team playing in local business league 2015