2015 ITW CSR Report

Working Together

Talent Development

ITW is committed to recruiting, developing and retaining the best and brightest talent, and also to creating an inclusive environment where colleagues from varied backgrounds can work together and thrive. Sustaining ITW’s core values and differentiated business model depends upon having a strong talent pipeline of leaders for our businesses around the globe. ITW wants its leaders to deeply understand our customers, embrace our values and develop expertise in the ITW Business Model.

ITW Great Leaders framework

Our Enterprise Strategy drives a focused leadership framework to assess, develop and select talent. We expect our leaders to:

  • Be experts in the practice of the ITW Business Model
  • Make great strategic choices
  • Deliver great results
  • Be great talent managers
  • Provide strong leadership
Andrew Mines
Group president, Construction

“The Great ITW Leaders framework has been the facilitator to build our talent capability with greater cross-divisional calibration, promoting internally those that demonstrate the expectations and assessing external talent against our leadership attributes. We have placed greater emphasis on results and how they are achieved, while making progress toward a high-performing team throughout the platform.”

Developing talent for the future of ITW

Future leaders need opportunities to learn and grow, and ITW is committed to creating an environment where development is embraced and encouraged. True to our decentralized, entrepreneurial culture, we expect each team member to “own” his or her career, but provide support for performance and development planning and access to career opportunities outside their current business.

ITW also offers targeted leadership development programs such as the Early in Career Program and the Emerging Leaders Development Program. These programs are aimed at filling our leadership pipeline with talented, diverse individuals who will contribute to our future success.

Early in Career Leadership Development Program

An enterprise-wide program established in 2011 in which the company’s executives select a group of early in career leaders from across ITW's global businesses to participate in an eight-month immersion leadership experience.

Participants learn what it’s like to be a Great ITW Leader, experience the global nature of ITW’s business through a session abroad in Shanghai and participate in an action learning project that addresses a current ITW business challenge.

In 2015, several graduates from the Early in Career (EIC) program were promoted into vice president and general manager (VP/GM) roles, where they now lead a division of ITW’s business. We’re proud of the hard work of our colleagues and excited about the success of this program in developing a pipeline of future leaders. 

Meredith Platt
VP/GM Buehler

“As a past EIC participant and now as VP/GM, I can say without a doubt that the EIC program did an excellent job in preparing me for this new role. Through the program, I learned the skills and tools that make a great ITW leader and am leveraging those skills daily. Further, the network you gain from participating in the program is invaluable. My EIC team keeps in touch regularly to this day and we are always there to support each other.”

Matt Davis
VP/GM ITW Medical

“The EIC program provided me a deeper understanding of the Enterprise Strategy and how it aligns with ITW’s core values. The program also broadened my perspective – across business functions as well as across geographies, time zones and cultures – helping me to become a better global business leader.”

Emerging Leaders Development Program

A three-year college-hire leadership development program where participants work two 18-month rotation assignments in different ITW businesses. Participants gain insight into what it means to be a functional leader and receive exposure to ITW’s unique business model and processes. 

As we enter 2016, the first group of Emerging Leaders Development Program (ELDP) participants will be finishing the program and entering full-time positions within ITW. 

Lauren Moy
Human Resources

“Participating in the ELDP program gave me a foundational understanding of the ITW Business Model and how it can be applied in very different industries and businesses. I’ve been able to develop my professional skills and HR functional aptitude by working on a wide array of projects in different segments. I’m applying what I learned in my rotations to challenge myself, develop my career and contribute to the success and growth of ITW.”

David Yim

“The ELDP program has granted me many opportunities to learn not just cross-functionally but also across multiple segments. I will be bringing all that I have learned to ITW’s Food Equipment Group segment, and am confident that I will contribute to driving results and growth in this new opportunity.”

Acquiring top talent

ITW aims to recruit people who are curious, driven to contribute their best, committed to high ethical standards, team-oriented and community-minded, and reflect the diversity of our geographic reach. Together with our businesses, we engage in tailored recruiting activities across the globe to strengthen and expand our local talent pipeline to ensure it reflects the communities where we live and work.

For example, ITW Performance Polymers & Fluids (PP&F) China identified a need to recruit and develop locally based sales talent with stronger technical competencies and a clearer understanding of customer needs to better support ITW’s focus on customer-back innovation. At the suggestion of general manager Frank Zhao, the HR team took on a more inclusive and holistic strategy, which led them to focus on attracting individuals with a strong technical background as well as career aspirations and potential for moving to sales. Since launching the strategy two years ago, PP&F China has successfully brought in individuals who meet these needs and have become part of a sales team driving continuous organic growth.

University and professional association partnerships

A key facet of our recruiting strategy is to work with local universities to identify the best and the brightest talent.

In the U.S., ITW has identified select universities to partner with based on national university rankings for engineering and business disciplines, and student diversity. The company works closely with the schools to identify and recruit talent that are a strategic fit for ITW’s many U.S.-based businesses. 

In 2015, we also increased our focus on local college chapters of national organizations such as the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE). With this approach, we’re able to build a strong reputation among college students.

ITW team members at the 2015 SWE conference

As a result of these and other efforts, we made progress in 2015 in enhancing our university recruiting program and attracting talented people with diverse backgrounds. In 2015, over fifty percent of ITW’s U.S. college hires were either female or U.S. ethnically diverse.

ITW also has similar partnerships around the globe. For example, in the U.K., Instron runs a two-year work placement program, in which students work at ITW while attending school. Several students each year are offered full-time, permanent positions at Instron. The business partners with a few targeted universities aimed at ensuring a talent pool of top candidates who are also diverse. In addition, Instron also works closely with the local schools to promote engineering among female students in order to further broaden the talent pool.