2015 ITW CSR Report

Working Together

Worker Safety and Health

Protecting the safety and health of each and every ITW team member, every day, is of the utmost importance to ITW. We are focused on this objective at all levels of our organization. We know it takes all of us, working together, each day to provide our colleagues the resources to stay safe and healthy.

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Managing our safety performance

Within our decentralized structure, the primary responsibility for implementing critical day-to-day safety and health initiatives resides at the business level. ITW’s corporate team provides support, best practice guidelines and training opportunities, and at each site, management is responsible for tracking data and driving improvement. At ITW, we strongly believe that each and every team member, from senior leaders to the factory floor, has a role to play - together - in the safety of our team and workplace around the globe. 

As part of our continuous improvement efforts, members of our leadership team regularly evaluate the management of safety across the enterprise to identify opportunities. In 2015, our Construction Products segment made the decision to hire a full-time, segment-level safety colleague to partner with its businesses and drive safety improvement throughout its operations.

“Our businesses have been doing a great job managing their safety performance, but we wanted a dedicated team member to help drive best-practice sharing across the segment,” said Mike Zimmerman, executive vice president of Construction Products. “We believe this role will help drive collaboration and further improvement, something we’re always striving for at ITW.”

Reporting 2015 safety data

Continuous improvement is a tenet of ITW and safety is no exception, and we continued to make progress on several of the safety statistics we track. For example, we are focused on reducing lost work days because those are generally associated with higher severity. After more than five years of zero fatalities, we were saddened this year to lose four team members in workplace incidents. Three of the people were killed in a single accident, and ITW is conducting a thorough investigation into this tragic event. The fourth fatality involved the loss of a team member in the workplace due to a personal health-related condition. We take these incidents seriously and we remain dedicated to having zero injuries and fatalities.

Injuries Resulting in Days Away
Government Safety Inspections
Government Safety Inspections' Resulting Fines

ITW businesses implement key safety objectives

ITW’s businesses have primary responsibility for day-to-day implementation of the company’s health and safety initiatives. Many of our businesses go well beyond what is required by law or corporate policies. In particular, our teams focus on these four safety objectives:

Team member involvement

Helps create ownership of safety and health through safety committees, safe behavior observation programs, and extensive training

Near-miss reporting

Ensures that the organization identifies incidents and hazards and addresses them early – before they cause injuries

Job safety analysis process

Enables ITW to systematically analyze and improve any portion of a job that poses an undue risk


Drives strong management-team member relationships to ensure that responsibilities are clear and any issues are addressed and resolved in a safe manner